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Dear  Voter,

After spending nearly my entire life in Livingston County as a resident of the Town of York for over twenty-six years and the Town of Lima for the past five plus years, the opportunity to serve as your Livingston County District Attorney came as both an honor and privilege. The opportunity to give back to the community where I spent my formative years, the county which I have called home my entire life except for a five year period in which I served as an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County, and the place where I have chosen to raise my own family is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Ever since I was a young child attending York Central School, with a mother who was a teacher and father who served as a New York State Trooper, I was educated on the importance of public service and the integrity of the criminal justice system. As your District Attorney I have dedicated myself to representing the People of the State of New York and the people of Livingston County in all criminal matters within this county.

I came into the position of Livingston County District Attorney having honed my legal and courtroom skills as a prosecutor in the very busy and demanding Monroe County District Attorneys Office, where I personally handled a caseload that is comparable to what my entire current office handles on an annual basis. Further, I spent the last five plus years defending criminal defendants in all the courts of  this county, along with the opportunity to appear in neighboring counties where I observed the practices and policies of different District Attorney Offices in order to learn more effective and efficient ways to prosecute criminal matters.

The most rewarding part of being your District Attorney is knowing that I am and will continue to make a difference in the community that three generations of my family call home and a community where I have had the privilege of encountering so many wonderful people, with so many fond memories dating back to my childhood years. There is no greater honor than serving those who have shaped the person I am today, and no greater reward than knowing that my neighbors and peers have confidence in me.

My message to you is simple: As your District Attorney I have the honor and privilege of spending everyday fighting for you in court, protecting your families and serving the wonderful community that has given me so much. I am honored to be your District Attorney and look forward to working with you in shaping the future of this great county.

Thank you.

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